Surebet is a bet where you play on all outcomes within a market.

What then makes it a surebet is that whatever the outcome is, you win more money than you have played for.

Let’s try an example:
Real Madrid vs. Barcelona
Bet365 – Over 2.5 Goals – Odds 2.1
Unibet – Under 2.5 Goals – Odds 2.1

If there are both outcomes, you are guaranteed no matter how many or few goals come in the match. If we have a capital of 100 kroner, we play 50 $ on each of the outcomes.

Over 2.5 goals – 50 $ * odds 2.1 = return of 105 $.
Under 2.5 goals – 50 $ * odds 2.1 = return of 105 $.

Whichever way we get, we get 105 $ back and have thus earned 5 $. 5 $ does not sound much, but seen in a different perspective, the return is 5% of what we play for (significantly better than the interest you get in the bank).

Surebet is an easy way to make money and 100% safe!

So you won’t have to wait for the almost no interest in the bank or to invest in something that is not 100% safe. The smart thing is that quite often the surebets occur even if you are not just aware of it.

Surebets usually occur only in a few percent and the return is therefore not much money.

But in the long run it can yield a great return. If only one takes the time to find a surfing daily, then it is clearly the method that gives the greatest return in the long run, even without risk!

Tempted? If not, let me set this up here.

You do not dare completely invest in this project, but you go to 500 $. Every day you find a 5% surebet where you “invest” the 500 $ + what you have won through this project. After the first month you will now have 2161 $. You have thus earned 1661 $ in a month by investing 500 $, without risk.

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