The English Premier League is the top tier of English football and has over four billion fans worldwide; the league only continues to grow year after year. There are more bets placed on the Premier League that there is between the Bundesliga, Serie A and La Liga combined.

There are various markets available to bet on within the Premier League, ranging from individual match bets to outright season long bets. Due to the competitive nature of the league there is always good value for money in betting on the Premier League, hence why it is the most popular.

Individual Match Bets

The most common way to bet on the Premier League is by betting on the individual matches. You are able to do this in a variety of different ways.

The most common of which is betting on the outcome of the match, simply by selecting whether the match will be a home win, draw or away win. The most popular form of betting on the individual match bet in this way is by including the match as part of a selection of numerous games as part of an accumulator.

Another common form of individual match betting is Asian Handicapping, meaning that each of the teams will take a goals handicap into the game with them.

Over/under goals is another common placed bet, typically asking whether there will be over or under 2.5 goals in the game, meaning that should you say there will be over 2.5 goals, you would need a total of three goals in the game.

Both teams to score is another popular form of individual match betting on the Premier League games, and much like the result betting this is often included into a longer bet featuring numerous teams

Premier League Winner Markets

This is the most common outright form of betting within the Premier League. Most tipsters would follow the off-season events over the summer and the transfer windows that the contenders have before selecting the team that they would place a bet on within this market.

Should a team have a good summer and strengthen their squad in the areas that are needed then this would see them by among the favourites. However, if a team fails to strengthen where the manager feels like they need to, this would see a team’s odds drift.

On most cases you would need to select the team that you would feel be first out of the top six of Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur.

There was one famous case when Leicester City won the league after having odds of 5,000/1 at the beginning of the season; this was backed by four punters. Since this, bookmakers do not have any higher prices that 300/1 at the beginning of the season.

Much like other outright markets, the odds drift and shorten depending on how the teams are playing, should a team suffer a bad run or form and lose key players then their price will drift accordingly.

Top Four Betting

Another very popular market within the Premier League outrights market is the battle for the top four. This is always highly competitive and keeps fans on the edge of their seat until the final day of the season. Due to the fact that the Premier League has a top six, it’s simple maths that two of the biggest clubs have to miss out on Champions League football.

The odds in this market are very rarely massively priced but there is normally a hidden gem as the season goes on. As teams will have a bad run of form and their price will drift, you could then bet on this team at a higher price before they get their star man back and get back to winning ways.

Relegation Markets

Relegation from the Premier League obviously has massive effects on teams, with some ex-top tiered sides now playing in League One. The Premier League is the Promised Land and is where all the teams want to be. Staying here is often the biggest problem.

This is a very popular market as it offers punters a chance to see value in the market throughout the season; most punters place these bets two weeks into the season when you can get an accurate assessment of how good the teams are. The newly promoted teams are typically among those that are the favourites for the drop but history shows that there is always one established side that fights during the relegation battle.

Much like other outright markets, the odds change as the season goes on with this criteria. Within the relegation markets there is also separate markets, these markets include ‘Who will be bottom at Christmas?’ and ‘Who will finish bottom?’ Both are very good markets again for value as the prices are a little higher than simply just to be relegated.

Top Scorer Markets

The Premier League golden booted is a very coveted prize that all the top strikers will be aiming for. It is always worth thinking about which teams will be competing for the honours before placing a bet within this market, as teams at the higher end of the league will have more chance of winning the golden boot.

However, you can bet on individual team’s top scorers, which adds good value to the punters that know specific teams well. The average better wouldn’t know the main contenders within mid-table sides; this is always a profitable way to bet.

There are also markets where you can bet on how many goals a specific player would get. For example, you can bet that Harry Kane will finish the season with between 25-30 goals.

This wouldn’t have any impact on whether he finished the season with the golden boot if you placed this bet. He could get 27 goals but lose the golden boot to Eden Hazard, and your bet would still be a winning one. This type of market is only available with selected bookmakers.

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