The German top tier is one of the most popular leagues in world football, largely down to the fact that it is very competitive.

Understanding the odds and the various betting markets that are available is the first step to maximise potential winning chances of making money.

Betting companies offers the punters various markets when it comes to the Bundesliga. These start with more common markets such as title winners, who will be relegated and also individual bets for each game.

Individual Matches

If you have betted on football before then this would be the most straight forward type of betting. It is the most popular form of betting within the sport.

You can firstly bet on the match result- selecting whether it will be a home win, draw or away win. It is also worth noting that this market is for 90 minutes, not including extra time should you be betting on a cup game.

The next form of match betting is Asian Handicap, this is where you select either match outcome but with one time holding a goals handicap. This would be the popular way to gamble on Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga.

Finally, you can select whether there will be over or under a specific amount of goals. This is pretty straight forward. If you select that there will be over 2.5 goals, there needs to be a minimum of three goals scored in the match.

Bundesliga Title Odds

This would be the most popular market for season bets. This would see each bookmaker offering difference prices on the specific teams to end the season at the top of the league, as you can imagine Munich are always the odds on favourites. However, odds are dependent on the bookmaker that you choose to bet with, so it is almost always worth shopping around before placing your bet.

The odds of specific teams change over the course of the season, depending on their current form and how many points they are away from the title. Bundesliga odds also depend on change of management, injuries to important players, new additions to the squad and any other factor that could see a team play better or worse.

Some bookmakers also offer each way betting within title markets. You should know that each way terms are one fifth on teams to finish in the top three of the league.

This would mean, if you were to put a bet a £20 each way bet on Hoffenheim to win the league, we would be betting £20 that they would come first at odds of 10/1 and £20 on them to finish within the top three at a fifth of 10/1 odds.

It is also worth noting that a very popular form of bet in this league is ‘Winner without Bayern Munich.’ This is a market that simply takes out Munich from the betting and should they win the league, whoever comes in second placed would win this bet.

Many people that bet on the Bundesliga tend to include it on a season-long accumulator, with other title winners from England, Italy and Spain included on the bet. This is the best way to get value off this market bet as the chances of Munich winning the competition is very high.

Bundesliga Relegation Markets

The betting market of which side will finish in a relegation place in the league is another favourite among punters. It is very similar to the league winner market in terms that the odds of the market could change throughout the season, if anything it will change more. Typically the promoted sides would be among the favourites for relegation at the beginning of the season but if one of these sides start the season strongly and look safe, then the odds will reflect this.

There is typically a market with various bookmakers that you will be able to bet on a team not to be relegated. This is typically called ‘To/Will Stay Up.’ This is also a good market to bet on, as some promoted teams would have high odds on surviving their first season in the league.

Top Four Markets

The race for a top four finish in the league is always hot, as the rewards are very great. They are significant as they will see a team be playing the following Champions League campaign, as well as the financial benefits that come with this.

This is another huge market for season betting, with the typical way of betting on this just simply by picking one team to finish in the first, second, third or fourth positions. You can also place an exacta bet which is where you can bet on who will finish in the top four and in what specific order that they will finish.

Top Goal Scorer Markets

Like the other outright betting markets, this is always subject to change. You will be betting on the player that you think would end the season with the most amount of goals in the league. The bookmakers will take into account the team that they play for, injury history and position of the player when the odds are formulated.

Various bookmakers also offer prices on which player will finish the season as top scorer for their specific club, meaning that you could find a profitable selection should your knowledge be with teams outside of the big six, as players from these teams would be more likely to finish the season towards the top of the outright competition top scorers.

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