Cashpoint bonus and review

Would you like to get a good start at Cashpoint with a bonus? You can use our bonus code, which gives (BELØB) in bonus upon creation. If you do not yet know if Unibet is the right place for you, then read our Cashpoint Review and hear about the benefits.


The biggest weakness for Cashpoint is their lack of live streaming. On the other hand, Cashpoint is one of only three bookmakers in Denmark who have physical locations. This makes them more attractive as a bookmaker, and when they offer incredibly great odds, it makes sense to have them as part of one’s bookmaker portfolio.

Cashpoint Bonus

If you deposit 1000 kroner into your Cashpoint account you will receive 1000 kroner in bonus using the bonus code link. If you deposit 200 kroner you get 200 kroner in bonus, so you get 100% in bonus up to a thousand dollars. The bonus that you get through the bonus code must be played 3 times to minimum odds 1.60

Live Betting At Cashpoint

Cashpoint’s offer for Live Betting is worse than what you as a customer of a bookmaker can be offered on today’s market. Considering the size and vision of Cashpoint on the Danish market, one must optimize on virtually all parameters of Live Betting. Both the number of matches and sports that are offered live, but also the games committee on these, are considerably fewer than the competitors.

In addition, their Live Betting client is not very well designed or user-friendly, and it often loads slowly. Moreover, the odds do not stand out either. On the huge football matches and popular betting, Cashpoint offers a fine selection of classic live games such as betting, next team scores, etc., but disregarding it, you do not choose Cashpoint because of the possibility of Live Betting. However, it should be noted that Cashpoint, as one of the only bookmakers, can offer the opportunity to combine live bets with non-live bets, which is a cool feature you might want to see with more bookmakers in the future.

No Live Streaming But Good Odds

At Cashpoint you do not offer live streaming in their live betting client. Instead, Cashpoint distinguishes itself on the beautiful repayment rates at the national football leagues, where they are also strongly represented on customerwise. Finally, you must choose a Cashpoint account if you want to play on European football leagues at great odds, or if you want to play their odds at physical dealers. If you are looking for bookmakers for Live Betting or great odds on tennis and American sports you should instead look in our other bookmaker reviews.

Payout Percentage

Cashpoint repayment rates fluctuate between 93% and 95% on the largest national and international football leagues. As an Austrian bookmaker, however, the repayment percentage is solid – and most often over 95% in German, Austrian (and Danish) football, while the repayment percentage on the rest of the market is very average.

On US sports, Cashpoint is not the market leader in the repayment percentage, and therefore we dare to claim that you should not play at Cashpoint for that reason.

Cashpoint Customer Service

In relation to Cashpoint’s revenue and size on the Danish market, physically as well as online, their customer service is lagging behind. The only way customer service can be contacted is through email, and therefore there is no possibility of live chat or telephone service. In addition, one cannot be sure that the support application will be answered in Danish or English, and we can therefore recommend contacting Cashpoint in English for faster response time. Since Cashpoint is only contacted by e-mail, they can be contacted around the clock, but expect a response time of between 24-72 hours.

Sports And League’s They Cover

Cashpoint has a nice selection on the popular football leagues. Especially in German, Austrian and international football, the game committee is wide and with many options for goal-scoring games, performance games and card / corner games. In other sports and smaller leagues Cashpoint is not quite as good with. Their selection on American sports such as. NBA and NFL are limited and usually only bets on batsmen, handicaps and over / under are offered. The same goes for a sport like tennis, where Cashpoint can’t quite keep up with the many games played every day.

Mobile Design And Cashpoint App

You can play online at Cashpoint both from mobile browser and their app, which is also called Cashpoint. Their application is excellently designed and in our test is observed as quite user-friendly. There is a slow loading time, but apart from that, application is a good alternative for playing on the go.

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