Betsafe bonus and review

Would you like to get off to a good start at Betsafe with a bonus? You can use our bonus code, which gives up to (BELØB) in bonus upon creation. If you do not yet know if Betsafe is the right place for you, then take the bookmaker test or read our review of Unibet.


Betsafe is indisputably one of the best bookmakers available. Most people actually think that Betsafe is the best of them all. They have the largest range of games across sports, good customer service, good odds, many live games, live streaming and a user-friendly website and mobile app.

Betsafe bonus

If you deposit 500 kroner into your Betsafe account you will receive 500 kroner in bonus using the bonus code from our link. If you deposit 100 kroner, you get 100 kroner in bonus, so you get 100% in bonus up to five hundred dollars. The bonus that you get through the bonus code must be played 8 times to 1.50 for you to keep it.

Live Betting at Betsafe Sportsbook

With the selection Betsafe has alive, you may well have a chance against the bookmaker, you get about 95% in repayment percentage, by waiting for live betting, you give yourself a higher odds in the situation where you wait, there are opportunities for card games, semi-result, party wins, next period and many more opportunities.

Minimal Video Streaming

If you are going to stream all the matches you play I would recommend and watch Unibet or Bet365. However, I would say that Betsafe streaming is good when it is there.

As you can see to the right (downstairs on mobile) then they have within tennis for example video on the vast majority of matches, which is super fat.

Payout Percentage 

The payout percentage lets you look a bit like a fee you pay to play with a bookmaker. All bookmakers, including Betsafe, take almost a percentage of what you play. For example, if Betsafe estimates that an NFL match is completely equal (50% chance of team 1 winning and 50% chance of team 2 winning), you typically get odds 1.92 playing on a win for one of them. If they didn’t make money, they would actually give 2.00 to both players. The% rate they earn determines how large the payout percentage will be. When you play Lotto it is about 55% that is paid out when you play, also for your bonus, at Betsafe it is about 95%.

Betsafe Customer Service

They have a live support that makes it easy to get in touch with them every day between 08-24: 00. If you need help with bonus code or something on your account contact Betsafe, just call them.

Sports and leagues

Betsafe, at betsafe you will find many of the slightly smaller sports such as MMA, criket, darts, water polo they give a lot of opportunities to play in smaller markets where not many people play their money. There may be opportunities for you who are sitting looking forward to the World Cup in Russia, so you can at least also play through Betsafe. The games are already ready now at Betsafe.

Mobile Design And Betsafe App

Betsafe mobile design works super well, however, I think it can be quite slow if you set up the platform against Bet365. It is easy to navigate around and very user-friendly.

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