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understanding of betting at a higher level. It is important to us that you see betting as a marathon and not a sprint.

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Here on Learnportbetting you will find experts who have made betting on their way of life. It’s their job to play on matches daily, which will be shared with you in our free forum. However, if you want to participate in live sessions and all bets it requires you to choose our platinum club.

It costs less than £ 1 a day to join our platinum club, you also get the extra to join the club, which is live sessions almost every night. You can participate in monthly extra competitions.

– Remember it costs nothing to test our platinum club out the first 14 days.

Our goal is to delete the tab that games are only for gambling addicts, with our approach to betting you will see other ways to play against the one you might already know. How it looked? This is because we focus on smaller markets and find other lines than those you find in all FB groups.

We only want the best experts at Learnsportbetting

Our way to your hearts comes through profitable month after month. That’s what we have to live on, so our guarantee to you as a customer with us in the platinum club is that if we deliver a deficit for a month. Yes you will get the money back or a new free month. We offer this as a unique opportunity for your faith in our product to be original.

Many odds clubs have to delete bets and correct them in the accounts.

Cheating in paid betting groups – The fight against this is a fight we want to fight, you can be sure in Learnsportbetting management, no bets will be deleted or edited in any accounts. We are a big responsibility and therefore you should not be cheated. We believe in our approach to betting will benefit you. Therefore, if you see that this happens, contact us as soon as possible. Because it is strictly forbidden for our experts.

Are you new within odds / betting

If you would like to try your hand at betting and are new in the subject, do not hesitate to contact us with questions, and we will rather use the answers to the questions you may have. – Otherwise, you are welcome in our FREE CLUB. Where bets will be posted with analysis. We have room for everyone as long as you are +18.

Periods of betting

It is important for us to mention that betting is a marathon and not a liquor. Keep your head cold in the bad times, you can’t expect to win at all bets. Our experts have been in the game for +5 years minimum, therefore they all know it by hitting a bad period. It is therefore very important that you do not blame others’ hands if you have had 2 good weeks and hit a bad one where you raise the stakes and lose it double because you think that now you hit everything.

How betting does not work.
– There is nothing called fixed matches at odds 900 on 2 matches.
– Never play for more than you can tolerate losing.

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